We have many years of experience with electronic security e.g (cctv, solar inverter, intercoms, satellites and all security gadgets), energy system, web development and communications systems.

Security Camera

A security camera is a video camera that records people's activities in order to detect and prevent crime.

Solar Energy System

Solar energy can help to reduce the cost of electricity, contribute to a resilient electrical grid, create jobs and spur economic growth, generate back-up power for nighttime and outages when paired with storage.

Electrical Installatons

An electrical installation is a group of items of electrical equipment that are permanently electrically connected together and can be supplied with electricity from the works of an electricity entity or from a generating source.

Satellite Systems

We have a wide range of Africa VSAT Coverage for Satellite Internet. That's why we believe you should be connected, wherever you are. Our high-speed satellites deliver Internet services across Africa, Europe, MENA and Russia,

Web Design And Development

At De Kenz Communcation, we offer a wide array of Website Design and Development services for all small to large sized businesses. Our services include the development of standard websites to multimedia sites

Networking / VSAT Installation

A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a small-sized earth station used in the transmit/receive of data, voice and video signals over a satellite communication network, excluding broadcast television.

Access Control/Fire Alarm

Door access control systems control the electric locks. They allow authorized people to enter through the controlled doors. However, what happens in the event of a fire? The access control system could prevent people from escaping or prevent the fire department from entering the building.

IT Infrastructures

Infrastructure is the foundation or framework that supports a system or organization. In computing, information technology infrastructure is composed of physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data.